TETRA for Public Access Mobile Radio

TETRA radio network systems serve to allow public access by subscription; these systems are known as Public Access Mobile Radio networks. The users of these systems are usually not the same as the owner and operator of the system.
TETRA radio network systems generally offer a trunked network with facilities for closed user groups, such as group call and push-to-talk, and offer short call set-up times. Users have a free communication channel at their disposal. Signalling is used to identify and separate the individual customer and his organization who share a common radio network, and it provides communications privacy within the network.
The typical profile of a Public Access Mobile Radio network user perfectly matches with the possibilities of a TETRA network.


TetraNode for Public Access Mobile Radio

TetraNode provides the network with exactly those features that are of utmost benefit for operators. It supports subscribers divided in radio fleets and profiles that directly fit with the type of contracts the operator sells.
TetraNode also offers strong telephony features, which include support of high capacity SIP and E1 trunks, group calling from telephone sets and MS-ISDN numbering. Finally, our base stations offer best-of-class RF performance, providing coverage with fewer sites.

Our Public Access Mobile Radio customers

Our operators value the high network availability, the simplicity of maintaining the network and the lower energy bills. They appreciate the improved sound quality, linking in telephony, but also the features Kill and Revive, a handy tool when subscription fees are left unpaid.

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