TETRA for the military

The mission-critical architecture of the TETRA system makes TETRA the answer to the challenging military market. Unlike country or supplier-specific solutions, TETRA is an open standard, meaning that terminals and infrastructures of different suppliers can be used seamlessly together. This allows for competitive, interoperable COTS solutions. For obvious reasons, the encryption and authentication capabilities of TETRA are a key advantage for the military market. Users also benefit from all the increased functionality available from TETRA.


TetraNode for the military

Its ‘plug-and-play’ nature makes TetraNode really fast deployable. Setup time is very low and little expertise is needed to make it running. TetraNode also stands out for its robust operation as well as its self-organizing quality, making it resilient to network failures and independent of third-party networks. Components are, for instance, highly shock-resistant. TetraNode fully complies with open IP standards, which facilitates integration with existing IP backhaul networks. Highly recognized TetraNode features for military applications include NATO-compliant call pre-emption and high-grade authentication and encryption. Another significant benefit is the powerful open architecture with open interfaces for network management, applications and IP backhaul integration. All in all, TetraNode is rightfully considered the best solution for military applications.

Our military customers

Defence customers turn to us as we are the only TETRA infrastructure supplier to deliver a truly portable and fast deployable solution. They also appreciate TetraNode’s open architecture based on open-source software, including the Linux operating system. On top of that, they receive the benefits of our patented ODINI mechanism in terms of instant reliable speech communication over satellite links. Where long delays are typical for satellite link communication, it doesn’t affect the user experience with ODINI.

Military references

We regret to inform you that due to the secret nature of these projects, Rohill is unable to openly publish our military projects.