Network Management System

Rohill’s Network Management System (NMS) is the interface between the TetraNode network and the network operator(s). It is a powerful and highly flexible application for configuring, controlling, monitoring and maintaining the network and its subscribers. Thanks to Tetranode’s flat network architecture, the NMS is also strong in its simplicity. It is by far the easiest tool to configure and operate a network of all currently available network management tools.


The user-friendly object browser allows for easy navigation through the system resources and the subscriber database, giving access to the configuration and current status of the system. To prevent unauthorized access to certain services, it is possible to make specific functions available to specialized personnel only, using access rights and user licenses. Similarly, agency partitioning allows access to members of the operator’s own fleet only.

The language module of the NMS supports multiple languages, from Western to Arabic and Cyrillic languages. With the language database inside the application, localization is easy. Adding another language is simply a matter of translating sentences and words.

TetraNode offers fully distributed network management. An unlimited number of NMS clients can access each of the TetraNode eXchanges through the IP network.

Network monitoring tools

Rohill has developed a number of monitoring tools to supplement the NMS.

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