A credit to its name

Due to the use of skin technology, our dispatch stations can take on the look and feel of existing and thus familiar dispatch solutions. This is why the first product in our range of dispatch stations is referred to as the Chameleon. Instead of simulating existing solutions, it is just as easy to create a refreshing new look and feel with nice-looking graphics. The user interface offers intuitive touch-screen operation with Windows compatible dialogue panes and toolbars. This makes operation of our dispatch stations obvious to everyone and as simple as ABC.

Speaking of the chameleon’s adaptive power, centralized configuration management allows the screen layout and user authorizations to be personalized dynamically for each user. This also enables customized configurations, for instance, for different work shifts. Custom sound files and graphics can be used, as can any Windows-supported font.


Group-oriented communication is the key capability of our dispatch stations. Depending on the type of station, up to sixteen talk-groups may be selected for simultaneous monitoring. In case of customized solutions, the number of groups may even run into the hundreds. Apart from live monitoring, the dispatcher can listen to recorded messages using a call player. Status and text messaging are among the default call options of our dispatch stations.

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