Soft switch technology
TetraNode applies the latest soft switch technology together with the most open, reliable Real-Time Linux operating system and standards-based commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware platforms to produce a TETRA system. All functionality is implemented through software, providing numerous benefits including increased flexibility, speed and integration of IP. TetraNode is based on a minimum amount of COTS industrial computers and networking hardware, which makes it simple to install and maintain.

Unique features and benefits
TetraNode offers powerful features for mission, safety and business-critical operations. This includes seamless operation of group calls from the telephone, instant group patching without the need for (time-consuming) DGNA calls, the so-called collective individual call feature, include and transfer calls, and many more.

TetraNode is also unique among current PMR solutions in allowing multiple air interface protocols to be networked together in a single, integrated, seamless solution.

TetraNode offers both a TetraNode IP Gateway (TIG) and a TetraNode Packet Data Gateway (TPG), which allow an infinite number of standard and third-party applications to run over the TetraNode infrastructure.

TetraNode supports all available network topologies. Ample opportunities for redundancy and resilience are built into the solution, allowing 99.999% network availability through equipment and link redundancy schemes.

Connectivity to other networks and devices is guaranteed through a wide variety of system interfaces. Apart from modern IP-based interfaces for applications and SIP telephony, TetraNode supports a large number of legacy interfaces, including E1 / ISDN-PRI, ISDN-BRI and analog telephony, as well as interconnection with analogue base stations.

A wide range of applications are available for efficient and powerful dispatch, voice and data logging and network management. All these applications are designed, built and maintained by Rohill, allowing maximum flexibility for customization and commitment for long-term maintenance.

Finally, it is important to once again emphasize TetraNode’s complete adherence to the TETRA standard and other open networking standards as well as its powerful TETRA features not supplied by other systems manufacturers. TetraNode is a truly robust, powerful, open networking solution for mission-critical communications.