rohill ccw 2018 berlin

During the Critical Communications World in Berlin, Rohill will present SUMMUM; their vision of the future requirement in the hybrid networking era. This instead of fully focusing on an in-house product and service, tied in with an in-house solution, resulting in negative effects as inflexible and uncontrollable costs and limiting product or application solutions. This missing link is not considered in the proposals from the different key players.

The key issue is that a tie in with a manufacturer/operator and a dedicated closed application will be the worst possible situation for the end-user.

The Rohill future is:

  1. Full open standard and best-in-class technology with a multiple vendor sourcing;
  2. Full integration and seamless migration, following the path of development from narrowband to broadband;
  3. Continuous capability to tune best applications to be used for specific tasks with the best possible mobile terminal solution during the full lifetime of the solution;
  4. Open source application solutions and facilitating inspection and cyber control, as well as enabling tailoring solutions;
  5. Full measurable control of performance of all network parameters for both dedicated networks and the networks of the public operators;
  6. Flexible contracting of airtime and airtime service package on all networks, either shared or dedicated;
  7. Most important is that on a mission-critical broadband network, multiple user groups would be mandatory, which means multiple MVNOs for different government organisations.

The time for the government users to be locked-in on a single network solution has ended. The future needs to be secured, fully controllable, fully integrated, but without limitation in best-of-class solutions. Working fully independent, but still on the same infrastructure.

This is the unique position that currently only Rohill offers within the industry, which is disruptive for the incumbent multinational dominated consolidated market. This is only possible if the voice application is for all the same and as such a full open source for the mobile terminal.

Do not accept anything less than the SUMMUM!


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